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Paul J. MeyerBristol Capital is a highly focused and effective real estate mortgage banking firm. We are adept at securing favorable mortgage loans from reputable lenders. Bristol Capital was formed in 1997 by its president, Paul J. Meyer, who brings 30+ years of real estate and finance experience. Bristol is a mortgage banker however, our underlying experience revolves around knowing and understanding the real estate.

Bristol has maintained its client centric/advocacy since its beginning, specializing in multifamily/apartment mortgages and all other commercial real estate. The 150-some loan transactions closed in recent years have all been funded through highly reliable institutional lenders, of which we have unique strategic relationships. During this period, we have also closed and funded many Cooperative Apartment underlying loans.

Listed below are current mortgage products that we are seeking to fund:

Apartment/Multifamily loans and Cooperative Apartment loans are a staple product for Bristol Capital. We are proud of our ability to quickly analyze, quote and subsequently fund a favorable loan. We believe in simplifying the process as best as possible and would rather give a quick "no" than a drawn out "maybe" to our valued clients.

In this expanding economy, we see the commercial mortgage debt market in the form of commercial mortgage backed securities (Conduits) life companies, credit unions and commercial banks. Bristol Capital has relationships with numerous specific lenders for shopping center/retail mortgages, office building mortgages and industrial/distribution properties. At this time, we are in quest of these loans over $3 million.

Bristol remains a tireless and fair advocate for our clients and we are entirely results oriented.